18 Mayıs 2010 Salı

Play Bazooki


Welcome to Bazooki, a physics centered flash shooting game in which players must blow up all of the barrels in the quickest times possible in order to receive Bronze, Silver or Gold Trophies.

Enjoy Bazooki Game Online

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17 Mayıs 2010 Pazartesi

Play Space Mantra Game


Space Mantra is a cool avoiding game where you need to make use of your mouse to keep meteoroids in the screen and avoid particle-stealing orbs!

Have fun with playing Space Mantra

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Play Plink


Plink is a physics based puzzle game. Click the bulb in your hand. Holding the mouse button, move your mouse to select the power as well as direction of the throw and release it to throw.

Have fun with playing Plink

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Play Galaxian Pimenton Game


Your galaxy is attacked by alien invaders. Your warship was entrusted with an important objective. Infiltrate in to the opposing space forces and destroy all of command ships which control the military operations.

Have fun with playing Galaxian Pimenton

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Play Musical Spot the Difference Game


Musical Spot the Difference is a find the difference type on-line flash puzzle game where you need to discover the differences in the 2 different views of the same objects and click on it to confirm.

Play Musical Spot the Difference Game Online

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Play Renaissance Makeover Game


Click to choose a look of your hair, eye color, outfits, and accessories in order to get a make over blast from the beauty past!

Have fun with Renaissance Makeover

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Robot Wants Puppy


Robot got a kitty, currently he needs its help to get a puppy! Explore and obtain powerups to expand Kitty's abilities.

Enjoy Robot Wants Puppy Game Online

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Drow's Fury


Drow's Fury is a top down fantasy action Rpg game. You're a dark elf weapons master who has escaped from the underworld to save your princess from the Dark Lord's followers who wish to sacrifice her in a black magic ritual.

Have fun with Drow's Fury Game Online

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Farm Escape


You lead the small yellowish guy and you have to escape from the farm through meeting and also talking to the animals. There are 2 mini games and in each of them you control the character by using the arrow keys.

Have fun with Farm Escape Game

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Textile Escape Game


In this online escape game, look for clues, items, use them...attempt to escape!

Play Textile Escape Online

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Umbrella Design


Come to design and style our little girl's umbrella! There are 3 subjects for you to select on the right column. Click the one you prefer most and have fun!

Have fun with playing Umbrella Design Online

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Play Thump


Finish the track as fast as possible. Hitting barriers as well as pylons will certainly slow you down and cost you time!

Have fun with playing Thump

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The Venom Pit


Caught in the clutches of the Cobra Shock Troops, our G.I. Joe need to combat his way out.

Have fun with The Venom Pit Game Online

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Play Pajama Dress Up


Diana is really a sleepyhead, she's walking all the time in pajamas.

Participate in Pajama Dress Up

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Play Dobbey Hunt


Well!! Dobbey is back once again, and this time he's gone hiding. Therefore locate him, and fool him.

Have fun with Dobbey Hunt Online

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16 Mayıs 2010 Pazar

Cafe Rose Dress Up


Spring time probably is the best to sit in a cafe, get one gulp from your coffee and chat with your close friends! Alexandra promised to meet her school buddies in Cafe Rose, found in one of the loveliest streets in London. Dress her up for the amazing early spring day.

Take part in Cafe Rose Dress Up

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Play Haunted School 2


Mina's dad and mom are kidnapped by ghosts and she has to find all of them at the haunted school building. But she'll be interrupted by ghost attacks. Every time Mina is frightened by a ghost, her blood pressure level increases a little bit. To reduce it, you must eat a few sweet you get along the way. As Mina is walking, make use of your mouse to pick up helpful objects and use them to keep the ghosts away.

Play Haunted School 2 Online

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Snowy Pony Game



Catch Snowflakes to keep the meter up. Be careful! Shadows on the ground announce falling snow.

Play Snowy Pony Game

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Play Cake of Fun


Every furry little animal likes a different type of cake. Are you able to maintain their orders?

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Play Magma Balance Game


Guide the lovely demons stay out of the hot lava. Uncover secret stages by finishing the achievements.

Take part in Magma Balance

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Play Magic Defense Game


Defend yourself against orcs, trolls, giants and more mythological creatures in this unique online defense game.

Take part in Magic Defense Game

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Play Forest Little Fairy Game


This gorgeous forest little fairy wants to dress-up herself! Now guide her to do dress-up, you will find six subjects for you to select on the left. Simply click the one you like most for her of each and every category accordingly on the left.

Take part in Forest Little Fairy Game

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Trial XIII Game


In this flash escape game, every room has one exit and you need to solve puzzles to activate exits. Enjoy!

Enjoy Trial XIII

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Play Vigor the Pizza Boy


Vigor is an extremely popular Pizza Boy in the world. He continually delivers, no matter what it takes.

Have fun with Vigor the Pizza Boy Game

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Terrafyme Game


Terrafyme is a puzzle loaded online platform game. Use the world around to solve riddles. Be attentive, get smart. Peaceful music and also smooth colors will assist you to relax and have a fantastic time.

Enjoy Terrafyme

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15 Mayıs 2010 Cumartesi



Make the vehicles push objects and other cars so you'll be able to solve the physics puzzle on each level.

Play Vehicles Game Online

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Play Ragdoll Homicide Game


Make use of your mind in order to knock down Bill and Teddy in this doll-blasting puzzle game.

Enjoy Ragdoll Homicide

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Play Victoria Justice Dress Up Game


Victoria Justice is an actress, singer, and also model who was born in Hollywood, Florida. She is known for her role on Zoey 101 as Lola Martinez and her latest blockbuster Victorious.

Play Victoria Justice Dress Up Game Online

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Area51 is a fantastic and amusing shooting game which uses your webcam to detect movement (also works with mouse). Shoot'em aliens!!

Play Area51 Online

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Play Cute Boy Dress Up Game


Our good looking boy is trying to purchase new funky outfits for himself. Perhaps you can give him a hand.

Play Cute Boy Dress Up Online

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Little Furry Things World Game


Find as well as save all 5 little furry babies through bouncing from platform to platform then get to the exit within the time period limit, on each of the sixteen levels.

Enjoy Little Furry Things World Game

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13 Mayıs 2010 Perşembe

Play Best Friends Shopping Game


It's time for a brand new shopping session for the two most trendy women in town. Gown them both up and make them look tremendous cute.

Enjoy Best Friends Shopping Game

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Play Camera Fashion Girl


This pretty fashion young lady wishes to make picture for herself! Now aid her to do make over, and make her as beautiful as a movie celebrity! You will find ten subjects for you to choose on the left column.

Take part in Camera Fashion Girl Online

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12 Mayıs 2010 Çarşamba

Play O.R.A.


Battle A.I. that sets on destroying what's left of human being existence in a electronic world of chaos. Numerous levels of shooter action along with equipment upgrades.

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Beauty and the Beast Dress Up


This beauty has all of it: the beast, the love, and the beautiful dresses! Click the arrows next to the categories on the right to see your choices.

Play Beauty and the Beast Dress Up Online

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Johnny Deep Game


You are a reliable diver! Upgrade your equipment and set your world diving record!

Play Johnny Deep Game

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Play Bicycle Girl Dressup Game


This cute girl is out enjoying the cycle trip. Dress her up in the most likely fashion to ensure that she enjoys the windy ride.

Play Bicycle Girl Dressup

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Jabbo: Punch It Up Game



Jabbo Punch It Up is a web cam essential on-line flash skill game. The webcam picks up your motions and the goal of the overall game is to jab the greyish square as the orange circle fully enters it.

Play Jabbo: Punch It Up Online

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Play Tiny RPG



Tiny RPG is a retro RPG game that is often unusual but easy to handle. Examine the island, purchase things, destroy things and so on.

Take part in Tiny RPG Game

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Play Journey of the Mouse Game



Avoid all the usual dangers facing a mouse and work your path to the cheese!

Play Play Journey of the Mouse

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Play Pirates of the Caribbean Alphabets Game



Pirates of the Caribbean Find Alphabets is a hidden alphabets sort online puzzle game wherein you have to evaluate your own ability of observation by discovering the alphabets.

Play Pirates of the Caribbean Alphabets Game Online

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Building Blaster 2 Game



The Building Blaster has returned in one more physics centered blast fest! Place bombs as well as devices to blast the structures to clear the red areas. Use timing to your advantage and prevent civilians and try to get the enemy for bonuses.

Take part in Building Blaster 2 Online

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Play Cook with Bobby


In this neat cooking game, Bobby is making her most popular chocolate cookie! Now you are a cooking instructor, your job is to help her make the most delightful chocolate biscuit as soon as possible! There are seven selections for you on top column.

Take part in Cook with Bobby Game

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Play Aishwarya Rai Makeover


Aishwarya Rai is one of the most well known actresses in Bollywood, the Indian movie industry. Have you heard of it? Her green-colored eyes have enchanted anyone.

Play Aishwarya Rai Makeover

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11 Mayıs 2010 Salı

Play Building Blaster Game


In this puzzle game, Place explosives all over also in building and set timers to demolish the yellow-colored buildings. Take care not to affect any kind of reddish colored structures.

Play Building Blaster

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